Ringing in the New Year.

Welcome to 2017, as you’ll see my achievements of 2016 were.. well non existent. Atlas I proved one thing, my lack of confidence to actually keep these posts up. I think we can all agree that 2016 in general was a disaster and i’ll therefore blame that as the reason why I failed to make one single improvement to this tiny space of the internet I can call my own. 

A new years resolution i’m deciding to create 18 days late is to post on here at least once a month, which seems pathetic really but lets set the standard low and build ourselves up slowly. Whether those posts be complete ramblings such as this one and the previous, or opinions I have on products, events, or general happenings. We shall see.

While I am disappointed in the year just gone, I can’t ignore all the positives that have come from it. Chapters in life making progress and chapters well past their use by date finally closing mean that the mind set of wouldn’t that be cool to experience” has now drastically changed to now’s your chance you half-ass”. In other words I have set the standard on myself that if I don’t take life by the horns, i’ll watch another year melt into the folder of my brain I like to label CONFUSED(currently the only folder i’ve got going).

So here’s to 2017. The year of achieving goals and stepping out of the first layer of comfort zone, into the second layer of comfort. Which does still mean an anonymous me, as well as a plain blog due to my lack of computer skills. So in light of being sick of the label confused, lets start off by plastering a new label all over myself , a more enlightening and motivating name. Let’s call 2017 the year of Finding ourselves (hold the gag).

Your’s truly Chatterkiwi, aka confused and searching xx

2 thoughts on “Ringing in the New Year.

  1. I’m in the exact same space as you lol. I planned on one post per week. I have big plans for my blog but then when I open it… *crickets*. I’m just all over the place this year. If you could actually see all the tabs I have open right now but have not typed a single word in a blog post smh. Anyways, I’ll be rooting for you. This will be “our” year.

    I’m gonna go back to watching YouTube makeup tutorials now.


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