Favourites: Makeup


Following my last post on favourite skincare products, I felt the urge to post something similar on favourite makeup products! Writing the list of favourite makeup products of mine lead to the conclusion that there are far too many for one post, so I will instead write some of them in this part and if people are interested, will proceed with a part two in the near future 🙂


Starting off with one of the few Mecca made products I do own, the Mecca Soft Focus primer. I was skeptical about this primer like many others as a result of my bad luck with them actually working on my skin, plus its silky texture lead me to not put much faith in it. HOWEVER, after a friend and makeup artist of mine applied it for my formal I was pleasantly surprised, and not too shiny by the end of the night which is a massive bonus for me. This primer makes makeup go on unbelievably smooth and really does achieve what it claims to do which is give somewhat of a filter over your face. I would say if you do have super oily skin you’d want to use with caution and I would encourage using a setting spray as well.

Pro’s: Smoothing, Affordable ($18-$44NZD), Use small amount so goes a long way.

Con’s: As always, not a miracle for oily skin.


One of my first higher-end products, and still my favourite! Hoola Bronzer 😍.  It’s a very matte bronzer and from what i’ve seen it works on all skin types, whether you wear it lightly or build it up as more of a contour I think it is an all round good bronzer. While the price is on the higher side of things, mine has lasted me almost a year and a half now of nearly everyday use so in the long run it is worth investing in.  Nothing much else to say as I know as much as most others that it is one of the most universally accepted holy grail bronzer.

Pro’s: Works for everyone, Perfect glow (not too orange, not too grey)

Con’s: Price ($54NZD)


Highlight time! Recent purchase of mine and my first official highlighter is the Urban Decay 8 hour powder highlighter. This highlighter offers three shades, Aura, Sin, and Fireball. I bought Sin as I personally wanted a basic, icy highlighter that wasn’t too much of a specific colour like Aura and Fireball are (light pink & darker peach). I wasn’t sure of this highlighter at first as I find you can easily put too much on, but for someone who loves a lot of highlight and doesn’t want to have to layer too much on to get the look you want it’s perfect! I also find that using it with a setting spray works best as it eliminates a powdery look.

Pro’s: Icy(no colour), Works well on pale skin

Con’s: Price ($46NZD), Can be powdery


Lets talk brows! As many others will agree, a love/hate relationship is more often than not experienced with brows. So as a cheap alternative to the famed ABH brow pomade, I picked up the ChiChi brow pomade which has proven itself for a number of reasons. First off, the colour range is good in terms of having different undertones. As someone with grey under-toned brows I struggled with accidentally giving myself orange brows in the past due to poorly coloured products. Second, IT WILL LAST FOREVER, you use the tiniest amount even for a more bold look and the pot is a decent size, can’t see myself hitting pan anytime soon and have already had it a year. As long as you are careful not to use too much it gives a natural, yet defined look. Brow goals!

Pro’s: Cheap alternative ($20NZD), Good colour range, Lasts forever

Con’s: Can easily accidentally over-use (I suggest to dip slightly and then use the inside of the lid to take off extra product)


Considering this product is now an absolute necessity in my makeup routine I thought it all too important to leave out. Urban decay setting spray! Another holy grail to many so I don’t think much needs to be said, my personal experience with this one (de-slick oil control) as well as the original all nighter were both amazing! I originally purchased a mini version of the all nighter setting spray and loved it, but knowing how oily my face is I thought to take it a step further and try out the de-slick version. While I didn’t notice a huge different in the two I have continued to re-purchase the de-slick version (probably just “oil control” written down the side that pulls me in). This product has made such a huge difference in my routine that I near refuse to wear makeup without it, not only does it actually stop me from getting too shiny but it also doesn’t let my makeup move in the slightest. My initial worry was that it would step over the line into giving too matte of a look as many oil control products do, but nope! In fact if anything it adds a healthy glow to the makeup, which to me wasn’t achievable before without having to load up on oil or ‘smoothing’ products which are a disaster for my skin. End of story, love it!!

Pro’s: Eliminates oil without being too matte, makeup doesn’t budge, mini available($25NZD)

Con’s: Doesn’t give a matte look(if thats what you’re after), pricier side ($54NZD full size)

And on an end note, we have double mascara alert! with the Benefit Roller Lash and Too Faced Better than Sex.  I decided to do these two in one as they are both simply similar, Roller lash does exactly what it’s name entails by giving a wonderful curl. While Better than Sex give full, ‘bushy’ lashes. I find they are the perfect two to have for different looks, as you often either want long and curled lashes or fuller, more ‘glam night’ lashes. Both also can be layered for a heavier look, or used sparingly for a day time look, always being swapped as my go to’s.

Pro’s: Both can be bought as mini’s, Both affordable due to mini size offer (Benefit $22NZD, Too Faced $18NZD), Haven’t dried out in the 3-6 months that I’ve had them.

Con’s: Bigger sizes are more on the pricey side.

As hard as it was to leave some of my absolute favourites out of this post, they will be in a part two very soon. Feel free to comment your opinions or any questions, otherwise head over to my contact page for any private emails 🙂

Feeling lashy, Chatterkiwi x