Lip products Galore


I recently had the thought that with all the lipsticks and products I have sitting in my drawer that I never wear, I may as well make some use of them. I am personally not a huge lipstick fan as I really struggle to find ones that I suit and like, yet I do still try my best to find and try out new brands and colours. This is how I’ve come to own quite a few different types of lipsticks over time, so why not do a swatch/review of them all! As some of you guys may find that these are products you want and didn’t know about etc.

Other than the 3 non-lipstick, lip products. Majority of the colours in this post are a variety of pinks as I use to be very inclined to pick these colours up, while more recently I’ve been into nudes/browns I haven’t yet purchased many in this colour area. They’re in no particular order and many of them will have a very neutral review, as the formula and colouring may be great, doesn’t mean I’ll be raving as I don’t really wear a lot of them. Swatches are at the end 🙂

Lip Products


First off, I’m going to talk about the lip products. Which in this case includes a lip plumper, a lip scrub, and a lip gloss. I do use all of these products on a regular basis, in fact in this picture my regularity of use is probably rated most often used to least often used starting at the Soap and Glory lip plumper.


The Soap and Glory ‘Sexy mother pucker Extreme Plump‘ is something I bought on a complete whim, as I had never actually heard anyone talk about it or any reviews about it. However, I had been looking for a product like this I’m definitely in the small lip club and really wanted something to help plump them up a wee bit to even out my face. I know many of these types of products have a tingle effect on the lips, and this one does not fail that claim! This product has a clear, gloss like formula and feeling, and then the pins and needles feeling kicks in. While it doesn’t burn or sting in a painful way, it makes your lips feel as though you’ve been at the dentist. I found that this product did plump my lips a small amount, but not as much as I would have liked, however it does leave your lips feeling super moisturized for the whole day! Would recommend more as a lip conditioner than a plumper.

Pro’s: Affordable($17NZD), Smells of coconut, Super conditioning

Con’s: Doesn’t plump as much as hoped


The Lush Santa Baby lip scrub was, I believe, a limited edition scrub, however I could be wrong about that. I bought it around Christmas time, and it is no longer on the lush website, but it could still be in store! I had wanted a lip scrub just as one of the many things I wanted to add to my routine to ensure I was looking after my lips as much as possible. After going in to Lush one day I saw it sitting at the counter and tried it then and there, and thought if I wasn’t going to buy it then and there I would never get round to it. I had previously owned the bubblegum flavoured scrub and loved it! This is a sugar scrub with probably medium-sized granules, it’s not too fine but definitely not overly thick either. This one tastes like cherry cola and really does help exfoliate lips, plus you can lick it off which is always a bonus!

Pro’s: Edible (natural woohoo), Cherry cola flavoured, Supporting Lush? Always a positive!

Con’s: Wee bit messy, IMO pricey for what the product is ($12NZD)



Right after Nars, Benefit is one of the first higher end brands that I shopped from. My first ever time buying from Benefit was one of their Christmas tins, as a present from my mum. The one product in the tin that I hadn’t really heard of or looked forward to trying was this Hoola ultra plush lip gloss, it was more of an extra. However, after actually trying it I now find myself reaching for it as an everyday gloss! It does appear to be a light brown/golden colour but it has very little colour effect on the lips. It is a non-sticky gloss that wears in nicely and adds just a tiny golden sheen to the lips, something you could wear with almost any makeup look.

Pro’s: Easy to wear, non-sticky

Con’s: Pricey for a lip gloss ($32NZD)



This set of ChiChi lip crayons is one of the first lipstick type products I had brought myself. I thought that buying a set would provide a variety of colours to experiment with and give me choice, although all of these colours are very pink and very bright! These don’t have names on them so I’ll call them numbers 1-5 in order of left to right. I found that I only ever wore numbers 1 and 4 as they are the most opaque and dark, while numbers 2 and 5 are a wee bit sheer compared to the rest. The formula of these are exactly what you’d expect from a lip crayon, creamy yet a wee bit on the dry side. They do stay transferable and do dry your lips out a wee bit. But I would wear these, especially if I knew I didn’t to worry about ya know, eating and drinking.



This, unfortunately, was a let down for me as I bought it from a sale, and think that it had expired or had temperature damage. The consistency didn’t feel right and the colour was lumpy. I think that it would usually have an oil-based like feeling, and be slightly glossy but eventually dry down more like a stain would. The colour is nice! However it was just too hard to get a true experience from this product.

Pro’s: Good colour options in the range!

Con’s: Not an ideal experience



NYX is a brand I had been wanting to try for the longest time! And after hearing so much about these Soft Matte lip creams, I finally invested in one! I was still on the pink train when I bought this one in the colour Antwerp, however it was still a wee bit light for my comfort zone. The formula is creamy, and while it does dry down quite a bit I wouldn’t say it’s entirely non-transferable, it isn’t super drying to the lips though which is good! My only issue with NYX is the prices seem to increase as the brand gets more popular.

Pro’s: Good colour options, Non-drying

Con’s: Transferable, Price has increased since I bought it (paid $12.50NZD, now $14NZD)



Too Faced definitely pulled through on this one, after hearing so much about the Melted Chocolate lipsticks I felt the need to try one out! However this time I was very careful as to choosing a good colour, and I succeeded! These long-lasting liquid lipsticks have such a creamy consistency, and despite eventually drying to a non-transferable finish, they’re not drying at all. My opinion is that you’re paying for the quality you’re getting. These really are such a nice lipstick and the colour selection between the Melted Chocolate and the original Melted range has a good selection of out there bright colours as well super current nudes, like this one in the shade Chocolate Milkshake!

Pro’s: Long lasting, Non-drying, Good colour selection

Con’s: On the more expensive side ($33NZD)



Australis’ Velourlips Matte lip* cream was something I had again heard so much about, but unfortunately wasn’t particularly impressed with. While the colour was far too light for my comfort zone, the formula of it wasn’t very great either. I found that the colour didn’t go on evenly enough for an opaque lip cream, and it was still transferable despite being slightly too dry as well. I definitely think that if I tried a different colour it might be a wearable lip cream but it’s definitely not my first choice of lip products. *if looking for this range try farmers or

Pro’s: Plenty of colours available in the range, Cheaper side ($15NZD)

Con’s: Slightly uneven application, Unable to find this exact shade (Hoo-Chee-Min)



This is another lipstick that was way too bright for me to wear at the time of buying it, however this Body Shop lipstick (which I can no longer find online) does have a good formula! Its dry in a good way, as in it isn’t messy and you feel like it isn’t going smoosh around too much. However it is still transferable, and needs at least two coats to be an even application. Once again, I would definitely be interested in trying other colours from the range.

Pro’s: Love supporting natural, cruelty free based companies! Good colour range from what I saw when I purchased this one!

Con’s: Transferable, needs to be built up, Average price ($30ishNZD)


Swatches! And yes, the swatches are meant to be Kiwi’s! (NZ’s national bird)



Revlon: Orangy coral. NYX: Bright pink. ChiChi#2: Sheer Mauve. ChiChi#5: Sheer baby pink. ChiChi#1: Purply pink. Too Faced: Nude browny pink. Australis: Light pink. Body shop: Hot Pink. ChiChi#3: Medium pink. ChiChi#4: Dark hot pink.

Thats all for today guys! As it was a rather long post I’m going to keep the end comment short and sweet. I hope this was helpful, and as usual, comment if you have any questions 🙂


Feeling pink, Chatterkiwi x

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