Mecca haul


Ever since I began to dabble in makeup, Mecca cosmetica has been my go to! In my city, there is pretty much one place to go for higher end makeup and skin care, which is Ballantyne’s. This is just a high-end department store type place. This is the one place where all within sight of each other, you can purchase everything from Benefit cosmetics to MAC, and even the likes of Keihls and Clinique. But with one of my first high end products being Nars sheer glow, mecca cosmetica was a special place for me (deep, I know 😂). Then one day I discovered that not only was mecca maxima coming to my city, but I could also purchase from mecca online. This is really where my love for makeup and skin care has grown as I now had access to good quality products, that worked for my skin type.

For those that don’t know Mecca cosmetica focuses slightly more on skin care, with their makeup range going as far as (in my store) Nars, byterry, Stila, and Hourglass. While the Mecca maxima I go to carries many more, as well as more hair products, and still an amazing variety of skin care brands. Recently I’ve ordered a few products online, and thought it would be the perfect opportunity for a blog post.

Ordered products


The first product I purchased is something I’ve been meaning to buy for a while now, the Urban decay de-slick complexion primer. To my knowledge, this range of primers is relatively new, and follows the range of Urban decay setting sprays. You will know from my last post that the de-slick setting spray is an absolute must have for me, so when I heard of a primer option I had to see what it was like. Now, I have bad luck with primers doing nothing for my oily skin, but after receiving a tester of this primer I was blown away! It has that tacky feeling that anyone with oily skin will know, love and look for in a primer. While you do have to be careful not to over-rub it in, to avoid it clinging to dead skin and pulling it off, it worked wonders for me! It controls my oil perfectly and my makeup didn’t move an inch. As you can see, I’ve now purchased the full size and its worth every penny to me!

Pro’s: Stops makeup from moving around, oil control

Con’s: Very tacky (clings to dead skin if rubbed in too much), pricey ($61NZD)


FullSizeRender 2

Next up is a body orientated product, the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush body scrub! This is a product I hadn’t used before, but had used the similar product from Soap & Glory called the Flake away scrub and had loved it! I heard so many good things about this one and it’s amazing lime smell so thought I had to give it a go! This really does smell like limeade, so if you don’t like that then this one isn’t for you. This scrub worked similar to the flake away scrub which I expected, it has medium-sized granules, and is the perfect in between of too soft and too rough. I find it does a really good job of exfoliation without making my skin feel raw or too dry. It is a sugar scrub so it’s not as intense as a salt scrub, and it does have Almond oil and Macadamia grains in it which help moisturise you at the same time as exfoliating which is the best mix for smooth skin afterwards. I feel that all of the Soap & Glory scrubs would work similarly, however I did prefer the flake away scrub slightly more.

Pro’s: Amazing Lime smell! You get your moneys worth ($14NZD for 300ml), Moisturise and exfoliate at the same time

Con’s: Gentle exfoliant (if you’re looking for something more intense, try Lush Ocean Salt scrub)



As mentioned before, Nars cosmetics is an original favourite of mine, which is why I have no idea as to why it took so long for me to try out the radiant creamy concealer. But eventually, I got around to purchasing the mini version in the colour Custard, which turned out to be slightly too dark for me. But none the less I absolutely loved the formula of it, and decided in this order to purchase the full size of the shade lighter in Vanilla. This concealer is incredible! It really does have minimal creasing and does not move out of place. As usual with Nars, the colour range is great and offers such natural, correct colour options. This has become my absolute go to concealer for natural looking coverage and long wear.

Pro’s: Colour range, Coverage, Long lasting

Con’s: Price is slightly up there, but better than some ($47NZD)




The last product I ordered is the Bumble and Bumble invisible oil primer. With an impending haircut (waist length to shoulder length), I thought I would try out a new hair product to use with my new hair. As someone with a lot of hair, I could never curl it or do much with it, as it was too heavy to hold any shape, so heat protection wasn’t a priority. But with my new, bouncy, shoulder length cut I know I will be curling more often so I invested in this product, as it promises not only 6 nourishing oils to condition but also protection from heat styling and UV rays. I was not expecting to like this product as much as I do. I thought it would just be an average product that does its job unnoticeably, but on top of making my hair feel ultra smooth, it smells amazing and helps hold my curl for such a long time! So impressed by this and can already see myself using it everyday. 

Pro’s: Affordable as a mini (60ml= $17NZD), Smells good!, Actually works

Con’s: The larger size makes it seem pricey, but I think it’s worth it (250ml= $43NZD)

Writing these posts have been so much fun lately! Hope you’s have enjoyed this wee review 🙂


Feeling smooth, Chaterkiwi x

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