REVIEW: Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette

A wee while ago I purchased the Natural eyes palette by Too Faced as a gift for my friend for her birthday, and upon having it sit in my room for a few weeks tempting me to use it  I thought it best to purchase it myself! Before this I didn’t really have any higher end eyeshadow palettes so thought this might be a good place to start as it has pretty basic colours and easy to use shades. I’m going to start by explaining the palette, the idea behind it, price, etc., then go through and talk about each shade individually briefly, and finish off with my overall thought about it and the looks I tend to go for when using it.

What is it?


This palette by Too Faced has quite a good reputation for itself, even winning awards such as number one palette to use for your wedding day in 2014. It features 9 shades, 4 of which I would call complete matte, 2 semi matte, and 3 shimmer shades! The palette is very based on basic, on trend colours mostly consisting of grey browns, taupes, and pinky golden colours, as well as a white/translucent shade but no really out there, wild colours. The palette itself is very compact, it’s about 3cm by 4cm and only 1.5cm thick making for a travel friendly, sleek feel. This I think helps towards it being such a universal palette, the very basic colours teamed with the ease of carrying it around have personally made it my go to for everyday use. One of the other amazing things about this palette is that it comes with a wee guide inside, that give you a step by step instruction on how to get three different looks, Day, Classic, and Fashion. I can no longer find this book 😔 but can point out that the looks are labelled inside the palette and follow a pattern left to right of base shade, lid colour, and then an outer crease colour to deepen the look.

The shades

BeFunky Collage_224

without flash vs. with flash Left-Right: Heaven, Cashmere Bunny, Sexpresso, Silk Teddy, Push-up, Erotica, Nudie, Honey Pot, Chocolate Martini

Heaven is a very plain, matte white colour that barely leaves any colour on the lid, in a good way. It is probably my most used shade as I without a doubt, use it all over my lid as a base shade after I apply eyeshadow primer. As I said it barely leave a colour on the lid, it more so just evens out the eyelid and makes for a good canvas for the other shades that actually create the eye look.

Cashmere Bunny is probably second or third most used shade in this palette, it is the ultimate matte taupe and is perfect as a transition shade or if you’re only looking for a little bit of depth in the outer crease. Even when using other eyeshadow or more intense looks I almost always use this colour to help blend things together.

Sexpresso is one of the lesser used shades in the palette as it is a very dark, matte, true brown and I don’t tend to go for super dark looks. However I have used it when I experiment with smokey looks and think it works so well for a dark crease! I would also suggest using it for a smudged out liner look.

Silk Teddy is by far one of my favourites in this palette, who can say no to a glittery, ice pink. This is definitely a super baby pink colour that it almost comes up as white, however it isn’t super opaque so I find to get the best payoff is to make sure the base underneath it is a light colour (I usually use it near the inner corner and first apply a touch of concealer underneath). Very shimmery as well which I love and why it’s perfect to brighten up the inner corner with and even highlight under the brow bone with.

Push-up is one of the three, what I would call, perfect lid colours as it is again a super shimmery shade. This shade is harder to describe as I’m stuck calling it a ‘pinky, goldy, copper’ shade, it’s definitely gold but not a traditional yellow gold as it has one pink in it, but not quite enough for me to call it a rose gold (complicated, yes.). However if I am feeling a little edgy or want to go for a slightly darker look I tend to use this on the lid as it still gives a shimmery appearance, whilst also not being super light toned like Silk Teddy for example.

Erotica is the first of the semi-matte shades that I mentioned before, this is probably the most grey toned of the darker colours for the crease. While it does appear to have golden shimmer through it, I find that this doesn’t really show up much when blended in which is both a good and bad thing. Most people would avoid too much shimmer through the crease but this shade doesn’t create that problem.

Nudie is most similar to Cashmere Bunny and I often mix the two to use as a transition shade! It is a paler, more grey toned taupe that is perfect for blending everything together, it’s especially good as a crease shade if you’re going for a super natural looking eye look.

Honey Pot is probably the easiest shade to describe as it is a simple, yellow gold with shimmer. Similar to Push-up in the sense that it is great as a lid colour, and is lighter than Push-up so it’s a more everyday shade, that gives a bright, glowy eye look. I can imagine this being a favourite for a lot of people who own this palette as it is not only a very on trend colour but it is one of those shades you could slap on all over your lid by itself and have an eye look complete.

Chocolate Martini is the last colour in the palette and another one of the semi matte shades. It again, has gold shimmer through it that doesn’t show up too much when blended in so works great as a crease shade. This is a dark brown like Sexpresso just with a more golden undertone and shimmer, its name really is accurate as it has a very chocolaty vibe to it.



Attempted my kiwi shaped swatches but with the lighter shades it proved difficult


Overall I am so glad I purchased this palette, as it has been very useful to me in practising eyeshadow looks and ease of use, whether I have time to put in effort or have to rush a look, it has not failed me yet. I am now getting to a stage where I am looking at other palettes to buy however in order to experiment with new looks and especially new colours, I would definitely try other Too Faced palettes as the quality of these shadows was amazing! They are super easy to blend and build up, and since the palette is designed to create looks within it, it is hard to go wrong with this one.


Bright eyed & bushy tailed? Chatterkiwi x


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