Social media question?

Hey guys! As the title says, this isn’t really a blog post but more so just a opportunity for conversation. I have a twitter account for Chatter Kiwi that I want to use more often, however I’m pretty uneducated when it comes to twitter so if anyone wants to drop some tips or email me to talk about it that would be so nice! Twitter here

Also how would you guys like to see an insta page also? Hopefully a more personal account of pictures and even behind the scenes of what goes into my blog post process. Just a thought! 

Hope you’s all have a wonderful day/night and hope to hear from you soon 😋 

Chatterkiwi x

2 thoughts on “Social media question?

  1. Twitter became my saving grace. Before I started writing and blogging I didn’t really know much about or understand Twitter. But the thing I learned is that it the complete opposite of Facebook. On Facebook you typically only add people you know. But on Twitter you follow people based on things you have in common. So when people see your post on Twitter, if they don’t have a blog, but are interested in the content or topic they are more likely to read it. Twitter is an amazing way to reach out and gain new followers and readers. Just be friendly and consistent. And don’t be afraid to reach out to people and invite them to your page.

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  2. Thank you so much! Helpful words really, I definitely start to see that more, its more about having anyone relate to you or a tweet rather than keeping in contact with people you already know 🙂


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