REVIEW: Too Faced Teddy Bear brush set


Over Christmas time last year I was working and therefore was able to have a few splurges on products I wanted. I didn’t have it in mind to buy new brushes as I already have a face and eye set from real techniques which I find is enough for me. However on one of my trips to mecca I noticed the Pro-Essential Teddy Bear Hair Brush set, and despite their $100NZD price tag, there was something about them that made me want to buy them. Sooo… I did. And they have honestly come so in handy, not only did I need a brush more for powder, but I also find the blending brush is to die for and make eyeshadow go on so nicely. Now, seeing as it’s coming up to their 1 year birthday I thought now is a good time to review since I’ve been using them for so long.


The first brush in the set is medium-sized powder brush, very basic powder brush but it does the job that I need it to. I would say it is a wee bit more dense than you would expect with a powder brush, I wouldn’t advise using it with a heavy hand as it may move product around. But as brush for compact powders and to gently remove any excess loose powder it works fine!


The second brush is called the blending fluff brush but I would describe it more as a lid brush as it has that wider, flat shape to it that is perfect for applying colour on the lid, rather than as a blending brush. The best way to use this would be if before or after you’ve blended your creases colours, to apply the lid colour to compliment with this brush. I use it in particular to apply glitters.


Third up is what I would call more of a blending brush, it is asmall blending brush which is probably my favourite brush in this entire set! I already have a blending brush from my real techniques set that I love for blending in the crease, however this one is smaller so it makes for a more detailed blend. Especially if you’re wanting to do a cut crease or a specific eye look as it blends well without spreading the product all over the place. Much more of a controlled blend, however still effortless.


The fourth brush in the set, is one that I don’t use as often but it’s still handy to have! It is a small crease brush and that’s exactly what I use to for. It is a pretty dense brush with an angled edge that makes it great for packing a colour into the outer corner, followed by some blending with a different brush to get a super concentrated colour in the crease. Otherwise I find using it to apply a strong highlight to the inner corner or brow bone works great!


The last brush is definitely the least used brush in the set, but once again I do love having it there as I don’t have any other like it. The ‘angled liner/brow brush’ is something I often use if I want to run a darker colour along my lash line, or if I want to highlight my inner corner as it is a dense brush that really controls where the colour goes. The name suggests it can be used as a brow brush too however I don’t think this would be popular unless you went for a very natural, undefined brow look.


All in all the brush set is worth its price as it supplies all the essentials needed for eyeshadow as well as a face brush for extra measure, the brushes are also adorably pink and the name just screams ‘buy me’! Another bonus of this set is that it comes with a small, pink and gold love heart makeup bag that has a teddy bear charm on the zip which I find is perfect for carrying touch up items, but not a full faces’ worth of makeup. DID I MENTION THEY’RE VEGAN AND CRUELTY FREE? ✔️✔️

*Please excuse the quality of the photos, the lighting has given me a rough time lately.

Teddy Bear picnic time? Chatterkiwi x


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