Everyday makeup routine


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I’ve recently found the perfect combination of products for long-lasting, natural makeup that actually doesn’t melt off of my face and keeps me from being too shiny, and wanted to share it with you all as some of these products are thanks to you that I discovered them.


Mecca recently had their 20th birthday and as a level 2 beauty loop member I received the Mecca multi-purpose plumping balm as a free gift. I had my doubts about this product as I usually need oily skin specific primers/moisturisers and this wasn’t that necessarily. But hooo-weeee I can’t stop using this products as both a moisturiser and primer as I love it so much, so before any makeup I use this as a primer, applying a small amount mostly just to my t-zone.



Recently I’ve started using the LA girl HD pro green concealer under my foundation as I do have issues with redness, while you do have to be careful not to let any green show through your foundation, this stuff is amazing! It really does colour correct my redness so well I find it makes all the difference. I dot this wherever I need it and blend it in with my finger usually.



For my foundation I use the L’oreal Infallible matte foundation, I wasn’t sure I loved this at first because the colouring seemed off but it honestly is one of the only foundations I’ve found that keeps me from going too shiny. It can tend to move around on my face in certain areas such as around my nose but I usually only notice this near the end of a long day without touch ups so its forgivable. This has a medium coverage and is super easy to blend as it has a creamy consistency. I apply this with a real techniques buffing brush, dotting it on my face and blending it in (I use a minimal amount of foundation).



I follow with the Nars radiant creamy concealer for any areas that aren’t quite covered enough and for my under eyes, this concealer is really natural looking however I find it does crease a bit under my eyes. I again use the real techniques buffing brush for this. I must admit however I find myself using this concealer less and less as it moves around a wee bit on my face as the day goes on so if anyone has a fav concealer they’d recommend, let me know!



The Rimmel Stay matte powder is something I’ve had a love hate relationship with for many years now, recently it’s been a must have in my makeup routine as it help stop me from looking too shiny throughout the day whilst still letting the glow of the illuminating products shine through. I apply this as much as I feel needed in my t-zone and to sharpen up my contour with the Too Faced Powder brush.



Once my base is all set I start my bronzing with the Too Faced chocolate soleil bronzer as a sort of contour, it’s more of a grey bronze so I can get away with using it as a contour. It’s slightly concentrated however I go light on it as to not create an unattractive line. I use a Cara contour brush to apply this to my cheek hollows and for my nose.



I use an Elizabeth Arden brush to go over these areas as well as the frame of my face with my beloved Hoola bronzer. This bronzer is slightly more golden toned so it blends the bronzers together and creates a nice shadow to those areas of my face. The brush used here is more fluffy and less dense so it gives a nice blended look. 



Next is highlighter! Everyone who’s everyone is getting into highlighter and I am still using the Urban Decay 8 hour glow highlighter along my cheek bones and on the tip of my nose and cupids bow. I apply this with a real techniques contour brush and it gives me the best blended look, my fear with this highlighter was looking too much like I’ve swiped white paint across my cheeks but so far I get just the right amount of blinding glow. 



Eyebrows, they’re your best friend one day and your worst enemy the next. Sisters not twins might as well be my life motto. However to do my best to make them presentable I take the brow brush by real techniques, to apply the Chichi brow pomade just to lightly fill them in. You really only need the smallest amount of this product as a little goes a long way and afterwards I brush through with a spoolie to get the natural looking shape and to ensure the pomade doesn’t look to harsh. To finish I use the Benefit ready, set, brow, brow setter. 



My mascara at the moment is the Benefit, They’re real! mascara which I didn’t actually like at first (like most mascaras due to them being too clumpy) however now that I’ve got a good technique on using it, I love it! For the first few uses I would wipe a small amount of product off the wand to prevent clumping. I apply this after I use an eyelash curler, the one I have currently is a manicure one from farmers.

My makeup routine changes quite often based on new found products, and this is my everyday makeup so as you can see doesn’t include products such as eyeshadow or lip products but if that’s something you want to see then let me know!


As always, Chatterkiwi x


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