REVIEW: St. Tropez Gradual Tan

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There are a number of opinions on fake tanning and tanning products in general. Those that swear off of any form of artificial tanning, those that go as far as a gradual tanner, the special occasion tanners, and the once a week ultra dark tanners that probably haven’t seen their natural skin in a long time. All of which are okay! For a long time I had never used fake tan and was so scared it would automatically turn out like all the horror fake tan experiences I had seen.

However after my year 12 formal photos I felt like winter had done me no justice and I wanted to look a bit more… healthy? So I tried it, and I loved the look! But, I am definitely not someone who can be bothered, let alone remember to tan each week.

Recently I bought a magazine, Miss FQ which is a new magazine in New Zealand very similar to the likes of ‘Girlfriend’ and ‘Cosmopolitan’ which is aimed at adolescent girls. I’ve in recent time given up on magazines and tend not to buy them, as I feel they can actually have a negative impact on your self-esteem, however this one came with a free gift and there’s only so much a girl can do to control herself.

The free gift was a generous sample of the St. Tropes Gradual Tan Tinted body lotion. I usually don’t rely much on gradual tanners as from past experience I feel they don’t do enough for me for it to be worth it, but knowing St. Tropez is a popular brand I had a feeling this one would be worth trying and I’m so glad I did! Before I go on about my opinion, I’ll give a run down on the product.

Size: The full-sized product is 200ml, the sample I have is 50ml.

Price: Full size product is around $40NZD

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Consistency: It’s a very smooth liquid/cream, very similar to a sunscreen that’s been in the sun if that makes sense?

Colour: Because it’s the tinted one, it does have a golden brown colour however this doesn’t show on the skin as opaque as it does out of the tube once it’s rubbed in.

Smell: Here’s the catch, it smells like hair dye when it first comes out of the tube. I have no idea why but it has that weird smell, I’m assuming its due to the dye in the tan being similar to what may be used in hair dye? It is a manageable smell and it definitely doesn’t feel or look harsh like hair dye would when on the skin.

What it looks like on skin: Despite it being heavily tinted, once rubbed into the skin it gives a really moisturised slowly look. While I can’t really tell if it gives an instant hint of tan, it definitely gives that illusion! I feel it takes the edge of super pale legs, and compliments and enhances a current tan.


I honestly really loved this product! And intend on using it till it’s empty (and featuring it in an ’empties’ post in the future). I feel that if it makes my skin look better and better as time goes on I will repurchase as it is so much easier to apply this as a moisturiser everyday rather than going to the trouble of tanning once a week. I would definitely recommend this to those who do want a little bit of colour or to enhance a tan they already have, especially in the winter months when the sun seems non-existent.

P.s: Excuse the quality of the photos, they were rushed but I was eager to get this post up today 🙂


Glowing, Chatterkiwi x



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