Favourites: Skincare (January)

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I was looking over at my makeup desk wondering what my next post should be, and what type of post I hadn’t done in a while when I noticed I had a few new things in my skincare routine that I hadn’t talked about. Plus, my last skincare post was a decent moon ago so its the perfect opportunity. This isn’t my full skincare routine, just some of the skin related products I’ve been loving lately!



To start I want to talk about the Garnier Micellar water I’m now onto my second bottle of! I was never big on makeup removers and would often just wash my face with a cleaner, assuming it would both get rid of my makeup as well as cleanse my skin, I know… cue the shocked gasps that I could be so naive. Removing makeup before using a cleanser is one of the most important steps you can take in your routine and I’m so glad I’ve picked up on it now. There are a few different micellar waters in this range and the one I use is specifically for combination to oily skin which is perfect for me! I use this with a cotton pad and it removes my makeup with such ease its a surprise I even survived without it beforehand, even my eye makeup is mostly gone within a few swipes. I also find that using this before cleansing my skin makes it feel so much nicer and less irritated. The Garner range also has a micellar water for all skin types thats more of an ‘all in one’, as well as one that contains an oil which is better for sensitive skin and long wear makeup so theres plenty of option but I definitely recommend using a makeup remover before cleansing!

Size/Price: 400ml/$14NZD


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I have for the longest time been wanting to try/incorporate tea tree and witch hazel into my skincare routine. I’ve heard so many amazing things about these products as skincare products and as someone who does suffer from breakouts and large pores I was definitely keen to jump on board with these. I recently found the perfect product to try from Thursday Plantation, a tea tree AND witch hazel toner. I’ve been using this on a cotton pad after I cleanse my face and so far it has helped so much! It calms and soothes my spots so well and I can already tell it is helping decrease scarring caused my the spots. Not to mention it tightens my pores so nicely and along with other products i’ve started using, is helping stop me from becoming oily throughout the day. I can literally feel this stuff working it’s magic as I apply it!

Size/Price: 100ml/$10NZD(ish)


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Another product that I’ve repurchased is the Biore charcoal pore minimiser. This stuff has changed the game for me, I was so busy using acne and breakout targeting products that I failed to realise this wouldn’t help much with my blackheads as they were a whole different issue. While I still use a breakout targeting fast wash for one of my daily cleanses, for the second I use this stuff. I use this with a Clarisonic type cleansing brush and target my t-zone which is where I get the most blackheads. After even a few days of using this I notice a pretty big difference in my pores, especially on my nose as majority of the blackheads slowly get less and less! However, If I stop using this for a few days the dreaded blackheads come back but I put that down to the condition of my pores not the product. I really do love this stuff, and while using it with a brush gets a deeper clean, the product itself isn’t super harsh and is actually very gel like so I believe it would work great for sensitive and dry skin as well as my difficult ass oily skin.

Size/Price: 92ml/$11NZD


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While lip balm isn’t your typical ‘skincare’ item, I really felt the need to mention it. Carmex is a brand that I had heard so much of and knew was quite popular overseas, however I’m usually a blistex girl so I never really bothered with it. Recently though I needed to spend an extra couple of dollars to use up a gift card and I saw a stand of Carmex products and thought, if not now then when. So I picked up the Strawberry one because yum of course! but I was also super pleased that it was SPF as well. My first try of this was unsure as I felt it had that cheap, plastic lip balm feel and taste to it however, one I had used it a couple of times I fell in love! It is SUPER hydrating, like I can’t even begin to describe, and i’m not sure why but it leaves a slight tingle to my lips which I feel helps plump them up a wee bit (yes this could also be an allergy to it but so far so good). I haven’t had an issue with dry lips since using it so I’m really glad to 1. be using more and more SPF products, and 2. have yet another reliable lip balm in my collection.

Size/Price: 4.25g/$4-$6NZD (I couldn’t find a decent online link for this, I purchased mine from farmers)


I feel like these descriptions are pretty hefty so I’m going to leave it at four items for now. I am so glad to be finding more products that I love and that I’ve been investing more into skincare, rather than focusing all on makeup to cover the things that can be improved with a better skincare routine. I do recommend all these products and if you have any more questions about these or others, don’t be shy!


Fresh faced, Chatterkiwi x

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