In depth Skincare Routine


Since one of my first posts being my skin care favourites, I have only added to and improved my skin care routine to suit my skin the best and feel like it’s at a pretty good stage to share with you guys. I have oily, breakout prone, textured skin, and also struggle with pretty big pores around my t-zone. I am continuously trying to find the perfect skincare routine not only to improve the appearance of my natural skin, but also to help with my makeup application as this is hugely affected by the state of my skin. So here is the routine that I generally follow, both morning, night and weekly or treatment products will be mentioned.


Cleanser: Both morning and night I use my Proactive solutions cleanser, as mentioned in my skin care favourites post. This cleanser is, so far, the best wash I’ve found to help control my acne as many other cleansers I tried didn’t really do much.It is a cream, with very slight grittiness to it (I wouldn’t call it an exfoliant). I find it gently resurfaces the skin, while also deeply cleaning bacteria off the skin in order to avoid breakouts. One thing I really love about this product is that for an intensive cleanser (Proactive is generally an intensive range for acne control) it doesn’t dry my skin out or make it feel too raw or sensitive.


Mask: In the simplest way to say it, I can’t live without face masks. Especially cream ones that can really sink into your skin! The mask that I’ve been absolutely loving is one that I was surprised with. L’Oreal recently bought out three clay masks, a charcoal based one for detoxifying and brightening, a eucalyptus one for purifying and mattifying, and a red algae one to smooth and exfoliate. I personally have been absolutely loving the Charcoal one as it works wonders on my clogged pores and leaves my skin feeling so clean! As this mask dries I can literally see all the oil being pulled out of my skin which I’m not going to lie, is super satisfying. Really didn’t think this mask would work as well as it does! I also find I can use this mask a few times a week without it having a bad affect on my skin.


Toner: Recently I heard so many good things about the Sunday Riley Martian toner but unfortunately I’m not prepared to pay $85NZD for something that I can’t be sure will even work, so I was instead suggested by the wonderful people at Mecca cosmetica to try the Ren Clarimatte toner. I can honestly say that I couldn’t be without it now, it makes the biggest difference in my skin care routine and helped clear my skin as well as make it feel less oily within days of using it. I use this toner day and night after cleansing by applying it to a cotton ball and smoothing it over my face, mostly in my t-zone.


Moisturiser: Another recent purchase, and something I have fallen in love with is the Dr. Dennis Gross Hyaluronic moisture cushion moisturiser. If you have oily skin I would absolutely suggest this! It feels like silk on your skin but is so light I can wear it under makeup still, I originally intended to only use this in the morning as I already had a night moisturiser but for the moment there is no other moisturiser I would want to use on my skin as this one feels so amazing. Literally leaves my skin feeling like its had a new layer added.


Oil/Serum: Have to admit, for a long time I wasn’t interested in oils or serum because I just saw it as adding oil to my already oily skin. Boy was I wrong, if there’s one thing I could teach people with oily skin it’s that having a light oil in your routine, even if it’s at night like me, will actually help balance out the production of oil on your skin and make your skin super smooth and balanced out. I now use the Josie Maran light organ oil after receiving a tester of it and falling in love with it. It makes my skin unbelievably soft and through using it only at night I’ve avoided any issues of it affecting my makeup application. This lighter version of the oil is specifically designed for those that don’t need as intensively rehydrating of an oil as most face oils are. Also can be used for nails and hair as well, yay for multipurpose!


Treatment: For special occasions, usually never more than once a week I will use the Biore Charcoal pore strips! I have tried both these and the original pore strips by Biore and personally the charcoal ones works 10x better for my skin, I use the nose strips and found that they really do pull out any dirt I have in my pores. The original unfortunately for me didn’t do much but I would 100% recommend the Charcoal ones! You simply wet your nose and apply the strip after peeling back the plastic layer and let sit for about 5-10 minutes till it dries.

Recently I was put in contact with a wonderful worker at who enjoyed the posts where I delve into the topic of Skin-care. Turns out this website has a really in-depth guide into skin-care products, especially that of acne treatments and even talks about the specific details of some of the products I’ve used and mentioned. So I thought I’d give them a wee shoutout as I know I can only review the products I use on a base level whereas these guides go into details about ingredients, different types of acne, and have produced, from reviews, the top skin care brands for treating acne. The skin-care guide is here. (Disclaimer: This is not a paid sponsorship, always my own opinions). 

Smooth & Clean, Chatterkiwi x

Favourites: Skincare


I wasn’t entirely sure if this post should focus on one passion of mine, or whether it should include all of them. I’ve decided to focus on all the things skincare that i’m loving at the moment! My opinions of these products are based on that fact that for the most part I have crazy oily skin with occasional dry spots, as well as being acne prone. 



The first product that has been a favourite for a while now is the original Proactive solutions face wash. While I do agree with the claims that if you overuse or are too aggressive with it, more damage can be done to your skin, it does wonders for my skin! It’s the first product I can say has actually made a difference to the hormonal pimples I usually  have. As well as clearing up pimples faster, it also gives my skin a generally better look. I will add that unfortunately when i’ve missed too many uses or tried to stop using it my skin goes back to it’s old ways. That could just be due to my acne being hormonal however, a simple wash isn’t going to completely solve that.

Pro’s- Effective, Come’s in a trial set, Trial set usually $30(Back to school deals atm!

Con’s-Can become too harsh for sensitive skin.


Now the second product is keeping in theme as it is the original Proactive solutions SPF15, oil-free moisturiser. Never before have I found such a good moisturiser that I can actually wear under makeup, and a bonus of having SPF as well! If there’s one thing i’ve learnt about skincare, it’s the importance of sun protection. As someone with super oily skin this can often be a problem as most sunscreen can be quite thick and especially don’t sit well on my face under makeup. However this one is perfect, not only have I found that it sits so nice and thin on my face but I can actually use it under makeup! Definite score on this one.

Pro’s- Included in the trial set mentioned above, Light-weight, SPF!!!

Con’s- Not overly moisturising, Wouldn’t use as an overnight moisturiser.


The Youth mud face mask by Glam Glow isn’t the mask I had originally planned to buy but with full sized jars ranging near the $100NZD mark, I was more than happy to take home a much cheaper tester jar of a slightly different mask. This mask is very much a grey mud and does in fact have leaves in it, and while the tingling(borderline burning) sensation scares you the first use it does get better! This product decongests my face more than I thought a face mask could, not only did I find many of my blackheads gone but it also gave my face the smoothest finish. Another product I would warn people with sensitive skin to be careful of as it does have a minty tingle to it, otherwise I think it is a perfect intensive exfoliant as when you wash it off it does exactly that! I think this would be perfect to use as both a before bed spa treatment and a right before makeup skin polisher!

Pro’s- Clears out ‘gunk’, Soft finish, Comes in a tester size.

Con’s- Not the most gentle product, How do you feel about leaves?


I haven’t tried a huge array of masks however if someone with more sensitive skin asked me to recommend either the above mask or this one, I would have to say this one. The Mario Badescu Silver Powder mask. Personally on my skin this mask doesn’t so much clear up pimples, but it does do wonder’s on my blackhead. This mask has a much more gentle cleansing action, as it isn’t exfoliating or harsh on the skin. I find that it sinks into your pores and when washed or toned off simply drags out any dirt with it, so it’s definitely a recommend for anyone who struggles with large pores or black heads. It goes on like a wet clay and dries to a powder, I also find it is really cooling and a go to for when my skin feels inflamed or irritated.

Pro’s- Gentle, amazing value for money as you don’t use much product($26NZD)

Con’s- Not intensive enough for tough skin.


The holy grail of all holy grails. The one and only Mario Badescu drying lotion. Yes you’ve probably already heard this hype from multiple other beauty guru’s and youtuber’s as I did, but as someone who does get pimples and especially the occasional under the skin monster that can take weeks of pain to go away(too dramatic?) I felt the need to try this magic concoction that a good chunk of the world seemed to be raving about. And yes it does work. I found that it worked very well on drying pimples out so that they aren’t all inflamed and speeding up the healing process so that a pimples life is cut in half, but the one thing it did that impressed me even more was it’s effective on one of those under the skin pimples I mentioned before. Usually for me a painful lump under the skin can take anywhere from a few days to over a week to have a head and clear itself away but at first sight of one of these bumps I started applying the drying lotion before bed every night and within 2-3 days it was shrinking in size and the pressure had gone. Long story short this lotion is a lifesaver and I now swear by it.

Pro’s- IT WORK’S, more affordable than similar products($26NZD).

Con’s- Can cause dryness around the pimple.

Love all these products and despite this post being a month late I’m still using them so that says something 👍🏼

Till next time, Chatterkiwi x